Robert Lang, M.D.

Welcome to an opportunity to heal! Let me tell you about myself.

For the last 30 years, it's been my pleasure and privilege practicing medicine and doing my utmost in making my patients lives as healthy as possible.

I learned early on mainstream medicine can only go so far in helping to heal a sick body. For some things, it's unsurpassed. Fixing broken bones, treating severe trauma from accidents, removing ruptured organs... modern medical practices can work wonders.

My journey started out in a very traditional manner, then took some rather major detours... eventually and most thankfully expanding my horizons beyond my deepest expectations.

After medical school in Albany New York, where I was elected to Alpha Omega Alpha, the National Medical Honor Society, I did specialty training in Internal Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania and sub-specialty training in Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri -€“ eventually being Board Certified in both Internal Medicine and in Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism.

As an endocrinologist (one who studies the way hormones, their receptors, and their intra-cellular signaling pathways function, as well as their associated conditions and diseases) I am constantly amazed at how even a slight adjustment to a single hormone or nutrient can effect a whole range of conditions, relieve numerous complaints and ailments.

After 2 years in the Navy as a Lieutenant Commander, I was invited to be on the faculty of Yale University School of Medicine. I was on my way to what I thought was my dream career of academic medicine doing research, teaching and a small academic clinical practice.

Three years later, Divine guidance took me on a detour to enroll in a 4 day course about how to clear up problems in my life. (And I must say that I did not even think I had any problems so I have to attribute it to the Divine.)

During that time, in addition to having over 25 scientific publications, I had been elected to be a Fellow of the American College of Nutrition, The American College of Endocrinology, The Scientific Advisory Board of the International Society for Clinical Densitometry, Who's Who in Frontier Science and Technology, Who's Who in Science and Engineering... to name but a few.

Invitations to teach at other institutions and participate in major research projects were a regular occurrence. My dream of success in academia seemed assured. While all of that was taking place, I was also taking courses in Yoga, natural food cooking and mind/body/spirit healing techniques.

But little did I realize my biggest problem was that I was headed in the wrong direction with my career!

By the early 80's my academic colleagues thought that I was -€˜crazy' believing that there was something called -€˜healing' rather than the western medical model, that was written in stone, called 'treating a disease'.

I had cleared up some personal health issues mainstream medicine could not help me with, and I now clearly see that although doctors can and do work some modern day wonders when it comes to the human body, much of what I treat could have been prevented from ever happening in the first place.

Holistic Medicine

Although my ego was badly bruised giving up its attachment to the title of "Professor at Yale Medical School" my heart began singing when I realized I needed to leave academic medicine -€“ and focus on my Soul's purpose... to support those in need, to heal and sooth their ego's pain. I have since spent decades specializing in a holistic approach for the treatment of female and male hormonal problems, thyroid, diabetes, osteoporosis and the natural treatment of endocrine and metabolic disorders.

You can call me a -€œholistic practitioner.-€ For me, the human body isn't just a sack full of tissues, bones, organs and bio-chemical reactions. We are so much more. Every one of us is intricately tied to our environment and one another. Modern medicine tends to forget that we are first and foremost spiritual beings in a human body, and not just walking, talking mechanical bio-organisms.

When I treat my patients, I don't just look at their ailments or complaints. Any doctor can do that. I delve further -€“ searching for the root causes of their distress. And to be quite honest, many times those causes are buried beneath years of physical and mental neglect - what I call -€œtrauma & drama.-€

We Are What We Think, Do & Eat

All too often, a patient's present day complaints stem from a lifetime of poor habits - physical, mental, emotional and most importantly... spiritual.

Beliefs: I can't stress enough that our beliefs can and do shape our physical well being. If you walk around for years with constant hatred in your heart, it will more than likely manifest itself in your body. If every day you repeat to yourself this all too common mantra -€œMy job, my spouse, my family... my whatever is killing me-€ don't be surprised if it eventually does.

Exercise: Our bodies are phenomenally powerful organisms, being honed by hundreds of thousands of years of evolution. We were made to move -€“ but unfortunately in today's modern society, the only movement most of us get is walking to our cars or to the dinner table. We don't even have to walk to the TV anymore.

The bodily processes that depend upon physical movement simply atrophy when not used as intended. Our joints fail, our hearts become weak, our muscles flabby and our bellies thicken with fat. Believe me, this isn't the way we're supposed to be living! Many maintain their car better than their body, the vehicle our soul uses to do our work on earth.

Then there's Nutrition -€“ which is one of my specialties. I'm simply appalled at what passes for a balanced diet these days. Food loaded with sugars, trans-fats, chemicals, hormones, antibiotics, heavy metals such as mercury, pesticides... and these are just the most common ones!

Fed on garbage, our animal-produce become what they eat. And then we become what they are -€“ full of garbage as well.

Wholesale Assault On Our Food Supply

Our fruits and vegetables are mere nutritional shadows of what they once were. You've heard that old adage -€œAn apple a day keeps the doctor away.-€ Maybe, but here's something that will flabbergast you. The apples we eat today are no where near as nutritious as the ones our grandparents ate.

In fact -€“ it's been stated it now takes a whopping 26 apples to match the nutritional energy a single apple gave us in 1914. (And if that apple is loaded with pesticides and gassed to make it look good, instead of keeping the doctor away, you may be calling for a future appointment.)

Even salmon is now being -€œfarm raised-€ & fed with gunk. It's so bad, these fish must be artificially dyed before they go to market, so that they'll appear pink & healthy!

If not, they'd be a bland (and disgusting) shade of grey.

GMO -€“ A Disaster Waiting To Happen

This degradation runs through almost everything you'll find at the supermarket. And even worse, we now have to contend with GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) foodstuffs. These plants (and soon to be animals) are nothing conceived by nature. It is my belief they will be unleashing a firestorm of health problems as the years go by -€“ many of them serious.

In fact, the research showing the toxicity in animals has been actively suppressed by the companies having patents on GMO products. I personally refuse to purchase ANY GMO foodstuffs. They're not what Mother Nature ever intended for us to eat, or even have on our planet.

Medicine When Needed

Now I'll readily admit, there's a time and place for medicine and pharmaceutical interventions. Some conditions are so serious, the symptoms must be addressed first. Clinical depression is one such case. It does no good to find the cause if the patient is no longer able to function on their own.

Bacterial and viral infections, as well as many other diseases must be first successfully treated by medicine.

Lifestyle Changes Are Important!

But after the medicine comes lifestyle changes. Because, simply put... some medicines taken over time will lose their effectiveness. Your body gets used to having it, and needs more and more to maintain the same effects. Then, in addition, these pharmaceuticals can and do interfere with our normal biological processes.

For instance, the synthetic hormones women take in birth control pills and for menopausal symptoms. These pseudo-human mimics (some of which start out as mare's urine!) suppress and supplant natural female hormones -€“ causing your body to slow down or even stop from making the real thing.

So now you have the "face behind the website"€ -€“ a real life man, and not just some marketing avatar conjured up from a copywriter's imagination.

It's been a delight chatting with you.

Stay well...

Dr. Robert Lang, MD

P.S. As you read about the conditions we treat, and the supplements we offer on this site -€“ keep in mind I'm not merely trying to sell a product. I truly believe what we offer here will do wonders for your well being and physical health.

In fact, many of the supplements I recommend I or my wife take as well.

Dr. Lang's Credentials

Board Certified in Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism, here are just a few of Dr. Lang's many credentials...

  • U.S. Naval Hospital, Oakland CA, Lieutenant Commander (1973 -€“ 1975)
  • Fellow of the American College of Nutrition
  • Member of the Scientific Advisory Board for the Society for Clinical Densitometry (Using light for measuring bone and structural densities)
  • Fellow of The American College of Endocrinology
  • Who's Who in Frontier Science and Technology
  • Who's Who in Science and Engineering
  • Associate Fellow, Yale University (Pierson College)
  • Chief of Endocrinology, Veterans Administration Medical Center, West Haven, CT (1980 -€“ 1984)
  • AWARES - Contributor and Medical Reviewer
  • Community Nurse Health Center - Contributor and Medical Reviewer
  • Advisory Board, Yale Medical School -€“ The Program for Humanities in Medicine, Human Investigation Committee... the list goes on.

Dr. Lang has spent decades specializing in a holistic approach for the treatment of female and male hormones, thyroid, diabetes, osteoporosis and non-surgical treatment of bone disease.

In fact, as a full-time faculty member, he pioneered the first osteoporosis clinic at Yale Medical School from 1976 through 1986. Dr. Lang is considered an expert on the relationship between our physical illnesses and the mental and spiritual issues in our lives.

Now in private practice, his passion is finding the safest and most effective conventional and natural treatments for endocrine and metabolic disorders, osteoporosis and other medical conditions. To this end, Dr. Lang is responsible for founding the Osteoporosis Diagnostic and Treatment Center, a private research facility now located in both Hamden and Madison, Connecticut.

Dr. Lang designs individualized patient programs that includes bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, medical nutritional therapy, and a mind/body/spirit approach for each individual.

Designing research protocols, consultant with over 18 major pharmaceutical firms, author of over 30 written publications, Dr. Lang has presented over 400 speeches on endocrine disorders, osteoporosis and related topics to peers, health care professionals, medical students, and the public.

When it comes to knowledge, authority and understanding, you'd be hard pressed to find a more thoroughly skilled physician and consummate healer than Dr. Robert Lang.

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